We endeavor to provide the finest products available. Only the finest coffee beans are chosen for our own Emerald Hills Label coffees. Roasted and ground to our own rigid specifications, Emerald Hills Label Coffee is available in many varieties—from rich, full bodied European French Roast to water processed Colombian Decaffeinated coffee.

From our vintage coffee roasters, located on beautiful Whidbey Island next to our Café in the Woods, we slow roast exquisite coffees to perfection directly sourced from our family of farmers.

Tony’s first began roasting coffee in Fairhaven’s historic Terminal Building in 1971. Their never-ending passion for learning has helped them on their journey towards creating an even more perfect cup of coffee. 

Established in 1992, Dillanos Coffee Roasters is a family owned specialty coffee roaster located in Sumner Washington. They roast a variety of blends and single-origin coffees.

Torrefazione Italia was originally founded in 1986 as a coffee shop in Seattle. They were purchased by Starbucks in 2003 and the choice was made to continue offering their signature roasts. These blends fall under the category of the premium offerings of Starbucks. 

Caffé Vita has been a pioneer in Seattle’s artisan coffee business since they were founded on Queen Anne hill in 1995. They are known for their commitment to source beans ethically, and for being active and charitable members of the community.

At Cycle Town our Coffee is what motivates us. With over 100 years of experience crammed into every roast, we truly care about the process. Great coffee to get you focused, energized and ready for whatever comes your way!

Diedrich is known for their Morning Edition blend. In 2006 Diedrich began moving away from brick and mortar coffee shops in favor of focusing on roasting. They were acquired by Green Mountain in 2009 and their lineup of k-cups remains popular among our customers.

Batdorf and Bronson are known for their famous “Dancing Goat” blend. They have been serving specialty coffee in the Olympia area since 1986 and their passion to provide fresh coffee has carried them nation wide.

Peet’s is a San Francisco based company that has been roasting specialty coffees since 1966.

Café Appassionato products distinguish themselves by being superior in quality, full-bodied in flavor, and exceptionally low in acids. Roasted in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.

Seattle’s Best was founded under a different name on Whidbey Island in 1969. Since then they have undergone several changes of ownership and have been a subsidiary of Starbucks since 2003. They are known for only using Arabica beans and for their consistent flavor profiles.

Starbucks is a globally recognized brand and is nearly synonymous with coffee. Their roasts tend to be dark, have consistent profiles, and their customers are known for their loyalty to their brand.

Tully’s is another old and established coffee company that originated in Seattle in 1982. They have changed ownership several times over the years, and are now a brand of Keurig Dr Pepper. They pride themselves on roasting their beans “low and slow” in order to maximize the flavors of each bean.

We work with our private label roasters to provide the profiles our customers know and love. From the roast, to the grind, to the gram throw, we make sure that every cup meets the high expectations of our customers.