Water Filtration

Emerald Hills Coffee offers a variety of water filtration units in both counter-top and floor model styles. Whether you’re looking for hot and cold, UV filtration, sparkling water, or even flavor enhanced beverages, we have you covered. Customers that choose to switch from bottle delivery to our point-of-use water filtration systems find that they save money, space, and time by switching to our program. Ask your representative about our offerings.

Clover D-25

  • The D-25 uses UV light to sanitize the inner tank.
  • Hot, cold, and ambient water is available.
  • The Child Safety feature protects against spilled hot water.

Clover D-1

  • The D-1 is a great option for a counter-top water cooler.
  • It provides both hot and cold water.
  • Its attractive design is aesthetically pleasing and improves the look of any kitchen or break room.

Oasis Aqua Bar

  • This top of the line water cooler is designed to accommodate both UV sanitation and also Reverse Osmosis filtration.
  • It has a 4-gallon stainless steel tank.
  • It disperses cold, ambient, and hot water.
  • Its spacious dispersal area accommodates larger water bottles.

Oasis Nautica

  • This cooler is known for its dependability and durability.
  • It is available in either hot and cold, or ambient and cold.

Oasis Mirage

  • This has easy to use push buttons rather than spigots.
  • It dispenses hot, cold, and ambient water.

Oasis Aquarius CT

  • This counter-top water cooler is compact enough to fit most crowded kitchens.
  • It has an attractive, upscale look.