Large Offices

For offices with more than 50 employees we carry both high volume systems and bean-to-cup brewers. Whether you need lots of coffee quickly, or want to impress clients with your state-of-the-art bean-to-cup brewer, we have a solution for you.


The Encore-29 combines modern technology with a reverse French press brewing system.

  • The 18.5 inch touch screen display is both easy to use and attractive.
  • The Encore-29 offers 3 whole bean options and 3 soluble.
  • We can customize your settings so that your coffee can be your preferred strength.


  • The Gemini brewing system is perfect for a high volume office that needs a lot of “holding power” for their coffee.
  • This system can brew up to 1.5 gallons at a time.
  • Satellites help the coffee hold its temperature.

Krea Touch

  • The Z4000 brewing mechanism provides an authentic espresso shot.
  • The 7-inch touchscreen is easy to navigate and attractive.
  • It holds one whole bean coffee, and pre-ground decaf.
  • We use real milk powder, and offer three solubles to allow a customer to customize their perfect drink.

Wittenborg 9100

  • This is an espresso based bean to cup machine that is perfect for high-consumption offices.
  • It features two whole bean coffees, ground decaf, and four soluble canisters.
  • It makes specialty drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos, and much more.