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Health Benefits Of Coffee

The impact of coffee on health and well-being has been debated throughout the history of the beverage. It was once thought to be responsible for heart disease and various other ailments, but the scientific community reversed their conclusions after recognizing they hadn’t accounted for… Continue Reading “Health Benefits Of Coffee”

Coffee Increases Productivity

Coffee has been a staple in American offices for a long time. Workers from all industries rely on coffee to keep them alert and focused on the tasks at hand. That is why employers choose to provide it in their offices, usually at no… Continue Reading “Coffee Increases Productivity”

The History of Coffee

The first credible sources indicate that coffee beverages, as we know them, originated in Ethiopia in the 15th century. It was used as a supplement in religious ceremonies, and also to help with concentration. Despite the fact that its effects were controversial, and that… Continue Reading “The History of Coffee”

Shade Grown Coffee

Concerns about the sustainability of growing Arabica coffee beans under the open sun have lead to a rise in the popularity of “shade grown” coffees. In order to maximize yields commercial farmers often dedicate entire fields to grow coffee which impacts birds, other plants,… Continue Reading “Shade Grown Coffee”